About Us

Choose 7Grains for healthy and all-natural food swaps.

7Grains Company is a convenient and sustainable “healthy food substitution” brand.

We source and create the best possible healthy alternatives to the food we normally consume. We make sure that we deliver the highest quality, all-natural, and least processed options without burning a hole in your pocket!

We are keen on products that are low in calories, significantly less sugar and salt than its commercial counterparts. We are adamant about not using artificial colors and flavor enhancers, as well as all other ingredients that are bad for you!

Only honest ingredients that are abundant with nutritional benefits find their way into our products. Much of our efforts are placed on verifying, researching, and collaborating with our in-house food technicians and third-party organizations locally and internationally to ensure the safety and integrity of all our products.

These certifications are not just pieces of paper but our commitment to delivering high quality and nutritious food options for you and your family!



  • To advocate healthy, sustainable and enjoyable eating
  • Offer all-natural and convenient options for nutrition-conscious meals
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals in promoting sustainable, ethical and compassionate companies





Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy