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“My go-to store or shop when I am looking for healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods is @7grainspantry. I highly recommend 7Grains!” — Kris Bernal, actress & entrepreneur


Make Healthy Cooking Easy for You!

Want to try our products but not sure what to try? Or do you just want to restock your favorite nutritious kitchen staples?

We made it easy for you by curating our Best Sellers in a bundle at a discounted price! Whether you are looking to boost your inner and outer health or simply want to create healthy but delicious meals (and even drinks!) fuss-free, these kitchen must-haves will be perfect to include in your daily recipes.

Ingredient swap – the one simple step you need to make healthy eating so easy!

soy sauce → Skinny Seasoning
lower-sodium version and all-purpose seasoning for your adobo, marinades, and dipping sauce

ketchup → Skinny Tomato
lower-sodium and lower-sugar ketchup alternative for dipping in your favorite comfort foods and instant flavorful barbeque sauce when mixed with Skinny Seasoning

peanut butter → The Good Peanut Butter
made with only two (2) ingredients: freshly roasted peanuts and coconut sugar for your sandwiches, smoothies, oatmeal and granola, and peanut sauce savory dishes

powdered juices and artificial cooking mix→ Calamansi Puree and Tamarind Puree
made with pure calamansi and tamarind for a refreshing all-natural juice drink, vitamin C rich marinades, and dipping sauces

high-sodium broth cubes → Skinny Soup Base
vegetable bouillon cubes made with real herbs and vegetables for flavorful soup dishes

This bundle was created to give our customers the ultimate convenience, and help take the stress out of cooking healthy meals. Now you can easily whip up healthier delicious meals every single day!

Enjoy eating healthy without sacrificing flavor.


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Healthy Home Cooked Meals at Your Fingertips

Included in this bundle at a discounted price:

1 Calamansi Puree

1 Skinny Tomato Ketchup

1 Skinny Seasoning 300ml

1 Skinny Seasoning 450ml

1 Skinny Soup Base

1 Tamarind Puree

1 The Good Peanut Butter

The easy way to make your meals healthier and tastier!

Goodness Certified

FDA-approved | Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | MSG-free | Non-GMO
  • No added coloring, preservatives, or artificial flavoring
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